Stroud Theatre Festival - Online!

Apocalypse Kernow 

OMF Theatre

Apocalypse Kernow is a comedy about a zombie apocalypse in Cornwall. That’s it. It is also a social commentary about rights and immigration.Apocalypse Kernow is a series of linked sketches by Greg Winders, that trace the story of how the disease of brain addiction came to Cornwall, with rumours circulating it could be the pasties.The […]

What Myra Did 

LouDeemy Productions

Myra suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D.). Her experience of life is chaotic, disjointed, patchy and often delusional, as she battles with the various aspects of herself, seeking a core self with which she may finally connect with the world. Sometimes a victim, or a child, sometimes reflective, at other times a highly functioning, if […]

Natural Verbosity 

Instead of celebrating 20 years of tales, Chloë of the Midnight Storytellers totters into her 6th decade fuelled by cake, chemotherapy, cat fur and, frankly, dragon sized grumpiness. The more she rants, the more you’ll giggle…What happens when a girl learns to deter blokes by showing her functioning brain cells?! Why only two cats when she […]

Woman Up! 

She’s a wife, a mother, a grandmother… but most of all she’s a woman up a tree. And she’s not planning on coming down anytime soon.Performed by Jude Emmett in a real treehouse, Charlotte Levene’s dark comedy explores isolation, judgement and the fight to be heard whilst being left the hell alone.“Scared? I held your […]

On Air! 

Curious Move and Red Dog Theatre

Four actors, and a musician take to the outdoor stage throughout Gloucestershire.Expect cut glass vowels and vintage glamour as the cast recreate scripts from the heydays of the wireless. Throughout the performance, sound effects are created live by the actors - balloons imitate creaking doors and a variety of household objects provide the soundscapes to […]

And So, Now That you’re Dead 

Foulisfair Theatre

Welcome through the doorway.  We hope you had a good life.  If not… (oops – It’s a little too late!)  Never mind, maybe it’s still worth considering what death means to you, and to explore the possibility of becoming ‘death-positive’? The Appreciation of Mortality Society has put together a star-studded cast for this informative event: […]

10 Days That Shook The World 

Thereby Hangs A Tale Productions

American journalist John Reed, captured the events of the 1917 October revolution in Russia, in his book Ten Days That Shook The World. It is his and his wife Louise Bryant’s work that is captured in this piece of theatre created by Thereby Hangs a Tale.

Confessions of a Memory Thief (1) 

Through the Square Productions

Note: Part 1 available to watch now.... part 2 coming soon! Confessions of a Memory Thief is about Al. A misunderstood and innocent fluke of nature; a disease consumed with guilt.Maybe it’s the bright light or it could be the intense scrutiny of the scientist peering through the microscope at Al. Either way this perfectly […]

Marie-Louise Flexen Presents…. 

Marie-Louise Flexen

A collection of three short films exploring some unique and unconventional collaborations in contemporary dance. 'Breathe the Line', 'Equilibrium' and 'The Joy of Living' are produced and danced by Marie-Louise Flexen, and directed and filmed by Peter Anderson. Breathe the Line Art & contemporary dance collide in a dialogue between dancer Marie-Louise Flexen and Stroud […]

Virtual Monk Spotting 

Firedonkey Productions

Fire Donkey present an hour of live monk action, expert advice and a charity single all in aid of the 150th anniversary of the Royal Society for the Protection of Monks. In association with Stroud Theatre Festival. If you can imagine an episode of Springwatch but with 1500-year-old monks, that should give you an idea […]

The Making of Miss Brown 

Parrot Productions

Cirencester 1883: Like so many dutiful Victorian women, 52-year old Miss Brown lives a mundane life, caring for her sick father.  There are bills to be paid, sheets to be washed and, fulfilling one of her father’s duties, daily meteorological readings to be taken.  As a devout Quaker she follows ‘the light within’, but, with […]